Riverdale International, Inc. Our Past Projects
Gallery Center (Built in 1999) []
[] 2000 - Developed Gallery Center. The building was recently purchased by Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus LIfe. Click for Picture Album.
[] 1996 - After Golden Palace closed its doors in 1998, the Yeni's Dim Sum fast food chain was started to accomodate the demand for quality Cantonese Dim Sum. Click for Picture Album.
[] 1994 - Embarked on Gallery Court real estate project in Chinatown. Tenants include Starbuck's Coffee, Subway Sandwiches and Fado's Irish Pub. Click for Picture Album.
[] 1989 - Acquired Golden Palace Restaurant in Chinatown. The restaurant was famed for having the best Dim Sum in D.C. Click for Picture Album.
[] 1982 - Company changes name to Riverdale International and begins importing and exporting food commodities.
[] 1981 - Riverdale Gulf Station is Established in Silver Spring, Maryland.
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